Growth & Exit Planning

Grow and Exit Your Business Like a Pro

We help you design a strategic plan that aligns your growth goals with various exit possibilities to maximize the value of your company and get you what you want when and how you choose to exit.

Introduction Call

Get to know the GEXP Team™ and the GEXP Process™ and share your vision for where you want to go with your business. Schedule a call HERE

90-Minute Meeting

We dive into your goals and objectives and explain how a growth and exit plan can help guide the next phase of your business. At the end of the meeting you’ll have a clear vision on whether or not GEXP™ is right for you.

GEXP Phase 1 (Clarity Day)

In one day, Clarity Day, we spend time helping you get clear on where you want to take the business and why, what your exit options are, what financial targets you need to hit, how to maximize the value of the business and how to build a team to get you there.

    Growth & Exit Planning

    Growing your company can be fun, and a trap, if you don’t plan for the eventual exit. What’s the point in having a $100 million company if you can’t get out of it when and how you want?

    “Business owners who are looking to the future often have no idea how to plan for an eventual exit while continuing to grow. Our proven Growth and Exit process gives business owners clarity so they can sell on their timeframe to the right buyer for the price they want.”

    Optimize the business you’ve built by creating a growth and exit plan. You’ll gain options, and control over your journey as an entrepreneur. Planning for differnet exit possabilties allows you to focus your growth in the highest value places while being ready for any exit opportunity that arises.

    Work ON the Business, not IN the Business

    Design a blueprint that gets you to where you want to go with your business.

    CLARTIY: what do you want your business and why? What is your business worth, how much money do you want and what kind of legacy do you want to leave?

    DESIGN: create a foundation and architect the plan you want, then build the best team of advisors possible who will make sure you get there.

    GEXP™ Board of Advisors™: ongoing updates and progress reports each quarter. Become the visionary you need to be and use your team to help manage the plan.

    Transition™begin transitioning your roles and responsibilities whenever it makes and pull the trigger on your ideal exit when the time is right.


    Completed Exits

    Happy Clients

    Qualified designations

    The GEXP Process™

    PHASE 2

    • + Business and Industry Deep Dive
    • + Due Diligence & Virtual Data Room
    • + Onsite Interviews with Owners and Key Company Stakeholders
    • + Build GEXP Team of Advisors™
    • +Preliminary findings
    • + Executie Level Business Summary and Script
    • +Final recommendations

    PHASE 3

    • + Quarterly GEXP Board of Advisors™ meetings
    • + Access to Control Hub™
    • + Ongoing due diligence deep dive
    • + Coordination of your Growth & Exit Plan recommendations and advisors
    • + Ongoing conversations around increasing the business’s value, the exit options and industry landscape