8-Figure Payday, Freedom Fast Lane Host Ryan Moran Talks About His Exit

8-Figure Payday, Freedom Fast Lane Host Ryan Moran Talks About His Exit

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Ryan Moran is the founder of Capitalism.com and the host of the Freedom Fast Lane podcast. Ryan is a natural born entrepreneur who has recently made an eight-figure business sale! He tells me how he was able to achieve such a massive payday and what he has learned from the long road to it.

We explore what it means to be an entrepreneur. We also tackle the pitfalls of not doing due diligence during a sales negotiation and the pros and cons of working with a private equity firm.

You will learn about:

  • Ryan’s background in business.
  • What working for Dunkin’ Donuts taught him.
  • The skills he picked up along the way.
  • How to create value for your customers.
  • The importance of optimizing your channels for your business.
  • The businesses before the big sale.
  • How the sale of Shear Strength began.
  • Understanding your leverage in a business negotiation.
  • What Ryan would have done differently in hindsight.
  • Why entrepreneurs are attracted to e-commerce.
  • How Ryan built a relationship with his private equity firm.
  • The benefits the PE firm brought to the business.
  • How they structured their deal.
  • Life after the sale.
  • The lessons Ryan learned from the process.
  • The “who” is more impactful than the “how” in business.
  • Successful entrepreneurs play the long game.


  1. You hold the prize. You are the one they want. If you built your company properly, your cash flow is valuable to everyone involved. Don’t give away your company for a check.
  2. Set your own terms! Know what you want from a sale and a potential buyer.

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About Ryan Moran:

Ryan Daniel Moran is one of the most sought after and well-respected leaders on Entrepreneurship in today’s market. As a serial entrepreneur, author, and investor, Ryan’s main focus is on creating lifestyle freedom — helping people create lasting businesses and investing the profits wisely while enjoying a higher quality of life, and working less.