Friends Don’t Let Friends Overpay on Taxes: A Deep Dive into Cost Segregation

Friends Don’t Let Friends Overpay on Taxes: A Deep Dive into Cost Segregation

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Jodi Nielsen and David Deshotels are Cost Segregation Services Incorporated team members. CSSI is a cost segregation firm. The company performs cost segregation studies for business owners to get the optimal value out of their business.

Jodi and David join me today to tell me what cost segregation is and why business owners should consider it.  They have tons of examples and reasons for choosing the cost segregation model. They also have reasons for why not to do it.

If you actually own your business’s building, cost segregation is a great option to pull value out of it. Jodi and David will tell how they can help. Today’s episode is a must-listen for any business owner with a building.

What you will learn:

  • Welcome, Jodi and David!
  • What is Cost Segregation Services Incorporated (CSSI)?
  • Why “friends don’t let friends overpay their taxes.”
  • How will the new tax codes affect business owners?
  • Why cost segregation is the best method of depreciation.
  • Straight depreciation vs. cost segregation
  • Why the government allows cost segregation.
  • The strategies to reduce recapture.
  • Why not to do cost segregation.
  • Why a cost segregation study is a great negotiation tool.
  • How cost segregation helps with the IRS.
  • Jodi and David’s final thoughts.


Teams like CSSI are useful to help you see the big picture. You need to know what you plan to accomplish from a cost segregation study. Everything CSSI looks at is connected, and the information they find for you is to your benefit.

Links and Resources:

GEXP Collaborative
Jodi Nielsen – 651-210-1921
Jodi’s Email

About Jodi:

Jodi Nielsen is a National Sr. Account Manager with Cost Segregation Services, Inc.  (CSSI) Jodi offices out of MN. She oversees the Engineered based Cost Seg. studies for her clients. The studies provide an additional tax benefit for building owners by the acceleration of a building’s depreciation. Jodi provides 1 CPE credit courses for Tax professionals across the country educating them on Cost Segregation, Tangible Property Regulations, PAD, QIP, 45L and 179D. Working with all different types of building owners across the United States is her passion.

Jodi provides clients with the incredible tax benefit to take advantage of, thru the defendable CSSI calculated study which is the IRS preferred method. Jodi has a bachelor’s degree in Nuclear Medicine. Her past positions have been as an Administrator of a Medical Clinic, co-owner of a shipping and packing company and a consultant for multiple businesses for strategic financial growth opportunities by creating cash flow.

Jodi provides the complex information in an easy to understand format. Assisting owners to take advantage of the additional Cost. Seg. tax benefit opportunity, which enables them to be able to use their money to grow their business and make more money is a blessing she enjoys every day.

About David:

David is part of the CSSI team of presenters that host webinars and onsite presentations for CPA firms, as well as a coast-to-coast resume of invitations to address state and local tax societies on the Tangible Property Regulations.

David’s unique perspective covers the opportunities to apply the Repair Regulations for a strategic advantage for existing and future clients.

David’s association with Cost Segregation Services, Inc. started in 2006 and currently serves as Executive Vice President.

David holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from LSU and 20+ years in technical sales.

His primary responsibilities involve sales and marketing initiatives for the implementation of cost segregation services and asset valuation studies to assist Tax Professionals in applying the Tangible Property Regulations.

In his past experience, David was in front and behind the cameras as Public Affairs Specialist for the Corps of Engineers in New Orleans, La. after Hurricane Katrina. David worked with the national and international media and helped tell the story of the effects of the storm and the Corp’s process to rebuild the city’s hurricane protection system.

David’s unique ability to take the complex and tell a meaningful story was evident in the broadcast and documentaries that he participated in.

Those same talents serve him well in explaining to tax professionals the process of understanding and applying the Tangible Property Regulations.

Whether a general overview to raise awareness or in-depth discussions on complex implementation strategies, David’s presentations have been well received.