Building a 134-Year-Old Company Using The Purest Form of Capitalism

Building a 134-Year-Old Company Using The Purest Form of Capitalism

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I welcome Daniel Goldstein, the President and CEO of Folience, to the show. Folience is an investment firm that specializes in ESOPs (Employee Stock Ownership Plans). ESOPs are an intriguing business strategy that every business owner should consider.

Daniel explains what ESOPs are and why they are a viable option for exiting founders. He has an impressive professional background and he has a unique perspective on ESOPs and family legacy businesses. Daniel outlines what Folience offers their clients and what they look for in the ideal candidate.

What you will learn:

  • Daniel’s banking background.
  • Folience’s history and movement to ESOP.
  • ESOPs are not socialist.
  • How company boards operate in an ESOP.
  • What does a trustee do for the board?
  • The legal side of an ESOP.
  • Folience’s goals for their partners.
  • What does Folience do for their companies?
  • How Folience is different from a private equity firm.
  • How watching company demographics can cultivate new talent.
  • When owners and employee owners get their payouts from the company.
  • E stands for “engagement.”
  • Why ESOPs have to pay fair market value and what that entails.
  • What Folience looks for in a possible company partnership.
  • Folience’s success to date.
  • Daniel’s final thoughts.


An ESOP is a serious option for business owners and should be looked into. GEXP Collaborative offers an ultimate guide about ESOPs. We also have a ton of resources for company owners who want to learn more about ESOPs. If you are interested in more information, reach out to me or the website.

Links and Resources

Daniel’s email
GEXP Collaborative
GEXP Ultimate Guides

About Daniel:

Daniel Goldstein is President and CEO of Folience. He has 25 years of executive leadership experience that spans five continents and an irresistible wanderlust that’s carried him to more than 50 countries. It’s a spirit for exploration that’s essential as Daniel shares Folience with the world in his role as chief ambassador and educator.

Daniel also guides investment strategy, which includes acquiring, integrating and advising each of the brands in the Folience portfolio.

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    LOVED episode 134! Thank you for that!


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