8 Ways to Increase The Value of Your Business

8 Ways to Increase The Value of Your Business
Life After Business Podcast

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This episode concludes my 3 part series on evaluating your business. To recap, my first episode on this topic was about improving the value of your business. Brandon Hall discussed his experience with business valuations and why they are important. The second episode featured Ryan Turbes, Ryan is a CPA who painted a realistic picture of payout and what a buyer looks for in a deal.

This episode focuses on value building and the 8 key value drivers that buyers consider when purchasing a company. John Warrillow returns to my podcast to explain the value builder system and how it streamlines the due diligence process. There are a ton of resources and tools we will share with you during this episode, so tune in to learn how to create a clear roadmap to getting the best price possible for your business.

What you will learn:

  • A recap of my business evaluation series.
  • The importance of creating a company that will run without you.
  • John’s background in business.
  • The beginnings of The Value Builder System company.
  • What his company does.
  • The Built to Sell podcast.
  • The Value Build survey and what it means for your business.
  • John’s typical customer.
  • Industry standards have nothing to do with company value.
  • The 8 key drivers the Value Builder System uses.
  • What to fix first based on your value builder score.
  • Why earn-outs are an imperfect tool.
  • What are vendor take-backs and how do they work?
  • The benefits of a high value builder score.
  • The cash flow teeter-totter and how it affects a deal.
  • How to find recurring value in your business.
  • What is monopoly control?
  • John’s advice on how to avoid shiny object syndrome.
  • John’s parting words for the listeners.


Obviously, you need to get your value builder report and see the areas your business needs to improve. Value builder reports are free, only take a few minutes to complete and give you a roadmap that will make your sales process smoother.

Link and Resources

Built to Sell Podcast
GEXP Collaborative
The Value Builder System
John Warrillow on Twitter
Built to Sell: Creating a Business That Can Thrive Without You by John Warrillow
The Automatic Customer: Creating a Subscription Business in Any Industry by John Warrillow

About John:

John Warrillow is the founder of The Value Builder System, a company that helps business owners improve the value of their company. As of 2017, The Value Builder System has served 40,000 users.

John is the author of the bestselling book Built to Sell: Creating a Business That Can Thrive Without You, which was recognized by both Fortune and Inc Magazine as one of the best business books of 2011. Built to Sell has been translated into four languages. John’s next book, The Automatic Customer: Creating A Subscription Business In Any Industry was released by Random House in February 2015.

Prior to starting The Value Builder System, John started and exited four companies, including a quantitative market research business that was acquired by The Corporate Executive Board (NYSE: CEB) in 2008. John has been recognized by B2B Marketing as one of the top 10 business-to-business marketers in the United States.

John was born in England and grew up in Canada. He now lives with his family in Toronto.

Business Valuation


BizEquity is the world’s only patented and the largest provider of business valuations, having valued 33,367,784 private businesses globally and has officially partnered with The Wall Street Journal. To learn more about the software and valuation algorithm check out this whitepaper.

The Value Builder System™

The Value Builder System™ is a statistically proven methodology designed to improve the value of a privately held business. At the core of the system is The Value Builder Score™, an evaluation system driven by an algorithm that evaluates a business on the eight core value drivers acquirers take into consideration when buying companies. The Value Builder Score™ gives a comprehensive assessment of the “Sellability” of your business, whether you want to sell next year or just to know that you’re building a valuable asset for the future.

After analyzing more than 30,000+ businesses, analysts at The Value Builder System™ have discovered that companies with a Value Builder Score of 80+ received offers that are 71% higher than the average-scoring business.

The Value Builder System™ is available exclusively through an experienced and authorized group of advisors, known as Certified Value Builders™, located across the globe.

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