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Life After Business is a podcast for entrepreneurs who want to sell their company on their timeline, to the buyer of their choice, and for how much they want. Ryan Tansom’s mission is to bring you all the information he wishes he had before they sold their business.

The goal?

To have control and options over the exit process while maximizing the take-home dollars and transitioning into a life after with passion and purpose. He interviews thought leaders, top advisors, and entrepreneurs who have sold their company so you can get the best exit planning and value building strategies from people that have been there before.

Who is Ryan Tansom?

In 2014, Ryan and his dad decided to sell their family business to a local competitor for a multitude of reasons. He learned a ton throughout the exit process, left millions on the table and has taken his experience into his multiple business ventures.

 He is the Co-Founder of Growth & Exit Planning (GEXP) Collaborative, Founder of Control Hub and Investor at Solidity Financial. He spends the majority of his time at GEXP Collaborative where they have developed a growth and exit planning methodology to help business owners grow and exit on their terms.

Most importantly, he is a proud father or twin girls and husband to his best friend Megan, who let’s him pursue his mission to help business owners avoid what they went through.

Ryan started the Life After Business podcast with the mission to level the playing fields for entrepreneurs by bring you all the information business buyers and top industry advisors know so you can control your own exit.

The result? You can control when you sell your company, to who, for how much and MOST improtantly on what terms. With a strategic growth and exit plan every entreprenuer should be able to transition into a life after with passion and purpose and pride for what they built and how they exited the business.

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The podcast is the first place that we discuss without BS what companies are worth and why. Subscribing to the podcast gives you a perspective of what buyers think and why before you get to the alter.


Your future exit is threatened by a potential buyer that knows more than you and takes advantage of your life’s work, because you don’t have a plan or the right advisors. When you subscribe, you will discover strategies that give you the information needed to hire advisors and court buyers, without being naive or short sighted.


Ten’s of thousands of entrepreneurs sell every year without a plan what to do next, only to end up depressed or unhappy with the outcome. Subscribe to the podcast now, so that you eliminate being miserable after you sell!

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