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Find Clarity and Control Your Exit

The Growth and Exit Planning Process is design around a set of 5 principles that help clarify what’s important to you. They uncover all of your exit options and how to maximize the value of your company in light of your ideal exit. The result of going through the process is a clear target and an exit that is almost like a non event, it was engineered to be exactly what you wanted it to be.

The GEXP Process™

Start With The Clarity Day Workshop

The first step to a Growth and Exit Plan is the Phase 1 – Clarity Day Workshop. Our Facilitator comes onsite to you for a day, which is broken into 5 parts based on the 5 Growth & Exit Planning Principles. The principles are the foundation for getting you clear on your ideal exit and how to maximize the outcome you want.

The Clarity Day Workshop

The Answer to: “Now What?”


If you have moved yourself into the “owner’s box” and have become the true Visionary as EOS© calls it, then it’s time to start working on the next stage of your journey as an Entrpreneur.

“Entrepreneurs who have gotten a handle of their business, and are looking to what is next, are ready to focus on the big picture. Attention and resources need to be focused on the long term vision and value of the business. What’s the ultimate end goal?”

Maximize the business you’ve built and create as many exit options as possible. By working on your growth and exit plan everything comes into focus. You’ll know what to do and why your doing it.

How To Get Started

45-Minute Introduction Meeting

Tell us about your business, goals and objectives and we will explain our principles and the process. At the end of the meeting, you’ll have a clear vision on whether or not you are ready for (or in need of) a growth and exit plan

Clarity Day Workshop

During the Clarity Day Workshop, we dive into the 5 Growth & Exit Planning Principles. At the end of the day, you’ll know what your exit options are, what financial targets you need to hit, how to maximize the value of the business and what team can get you there.