How to Engage
The GEXP Process is based on the 5 Growth & Exit Planning Principles.  Phase 1 and 2 are a flat rate project followed by a quarterly retainer for phase 3 until you decide to pull the ripcord. Depending on the exit you choose, we’ll stick by your side for a project management fee until no longer needed.
You are assigned a GEXP Advisor, who becomes your primary contact along with your GEXP Project Manager. Together they coordinate the other GEXP resources and your team of advisors. The result? You have a team in the trenches with you doing most of the heavy lifting and accelerating you toward your desired valuation and exit.

The GEXP Process™

The Answer to “Now What?

If you have moved yourself into the “owner’s box” and have become the true Visionary as EOS© calls it, then it’s time to start working on the next stage of your journey as an Entrepreneur.

Maximize the business you’ve built and create as many exit options as possible. By working on your growth and exit plan everything comes into focus. You’ll know what to do and why you’re doing it.

“Entrepreneurs who have gotten a handle of their business, and are looking to what is next, are ready to focus on the big picture. Attention and resources need to be focused on the long term vision and value of the business. What’s the ultimate end goal?”




Clarity Day

Clarity Day broken into 5 parts based on the 5 Growth & Exit Planning Principles followed by a final closing session that ties everything together. The 5 principles are the foundation for getting you clear on your target, ways to increase the value of your company and maximize your exit options. It is hosted onsite at your office or at an agreed upon offsite location.

Your Vision
* Your vision statement *Your 5 core growth & exit planning objectives

Financial Targets
* Case study exercise
* Business valuations overview
* Value GAP exercise

Exit Options
* Exit options overview
* Exit option charts
* Exit options analyzer

Growth & Value Drivers
* The Value Opportunity Profile
* Identify top 3 value drivers

Team of Advisors
* Building your team
* Team analyzer

GEXP Vision Board™
* Complete the GEXP *Vision Board™

Do You Want Our Help?





The Design Phase is part of the flat rate project and takes anywhere from 3 – 6 months depending on your energy and timeline. Your GEXP Advisor and Project Manager coordinate the various parts of the project below.

Business Deep Dive
We learn and capture everything about you, the business and your industry and combine it into a company narrative and executive summary.

Due Diligence Library
We create and organize a virtual due diligence library because it increases the chances you’ll get the price you want while being ready for a random offer.

Onsite Stakeholder
Getting your executives engaged and tied into your ideal outcome is crucial and easy if approached the right way.

Growth & Value Creation
We spend a day with you and your executives completing the Value Opportunity Profile™ to identify your valuation and how to increase the value of the business.

Team of Advisors
Never question whether you’re getting the best advice again. We use our experience and network to help you fill in gaps and hire the best advisors, for the right price, at the right time for a specific ROI.

Growth & Exit Plan
At the end of Phase 2 you’ll have a plan that lays aligns what you want, your financial targets, a few ideal exit options, ways to increase the value of your company and a team of advisors with a set of recommendations that optimize the plan.

Do You Want Our Help?





Business and life are every changing. Your growth and exit plan needs to be dynamic as things evolve. We stick by your side with relevant advice and resources so we can modify the target and adjust accordingly.

Quarterly Retainer Includes:
Monthly Checkin Calls
Quarterly Board of Advisor Meetings
Ongoing Support




When you decide to pull the ripcord, your transaction or transition should be a non event. You engineered it to be exactly what you wanted it to be. We help coordinate and guide the advisors you need to complete the exit you want.

Project Management Fee Includes:
Help hire an investment banker / broker to go to market.
Create an ESOP team of advisors.
Coordinate your internal or family transition advisor team.
How To Get Started?

There are a few different ways to get access to our team and resources.Depending on your goals, timeline and objectives you can either apply for a cohort or hire our team. If you’re not sure then take the GEXP Survey or give us a call!

Growth & Exit Planning Survey

Take our 5-minute Growth & Exit Planning Survey so you can see how ready you are do increase the value of your company and maximize your exit.

Apply for the GEXP Accelerator™

Join 10 Entrepreneurs in a 12-Month Growth & Exit Planning Accelerator that Gives You Focus and Clarity on How to Grow and Exit Your Company.

Hire Our Team

If you want to roll up your sleeves and get stuff done, hire our team to help you design and execute on a growth & exit plan.