Grow & Exit like a pro

Growth and Exit Planning (GEXP™) is for Entrepreneuers who are ready to work ON the business and not IN the business.

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GEXP Collaborative™

We’re a team of experienced, driven professionals from different designations who take a fresh look at your business and collaborate together with you to determine what actions can be taken in the short team to maximum your valuation in order to build a strategic growth plan in connection with an exit transaction.


You’re Playing Checkers, They’re Playing Chess.

While you jump the next checkers piece (launch the next product, open the new location or hire the next employee) billionaires, shrewd private equity firms and sophisticated strategic buyers are playing 3D chess on mutiple boards and looking 7 moves in advance.

They’re looking to financally engineer a purchase with a company so they can hit their targeted ROI by implementing value creating tactics they know so well.

Level the playing field by creating a growth and exit plan and assembling a team that puts you in the driver’s seat of the right game.


The GEXP Process™


  • + Business and industry deep dive
  • + Virtual due diligence library
  • Onsite interviews with owners and key company stakeholders
  • Build GEXP Team of Advisors™
  • Preliminary findings
  • Final recommendations


  • Ongoing access to GEXP Team™ and Control Hub™
  • Due diligence deep dive
  • Quarterly GEXP Board of Advisors™ meeting
  • Coordination of your Growth & Exit Plan recommendations

Growth & Exit Planning Pillars

Your 'Why'

Your Vision, Realized

Clarify your ‘Why’ and the future vision for your business. Do you want to dominate an industry, maximize proceeds or build a family legacy?

Growth & Value Building

Growth with value creation

Maximize the value of your business by focusing on stragtegic projects that increase value while in line with your exit option and timing.

Financial Targets

What’s your business worth?

Value your business and determine what you need/want the business to be worth NET of taxes when you transition so you can hit your goals and maintain your lifestyle if/when you sell or transition.

Team of Advisors

No one can do it alone

Create a collaborative team of advisors with different disiplinces who coordinate and collaborate the best outcomes and ideas to optomize you exit.

Exit Options

Layout all options

Explore all exit options. How does each option (internal transfer, ESOP and 3rd party sale) impact your goals and objectives. Prioritize and keep a back up plan.

Transition LAB™

Transition on your terms

Being ready for what’s next and knowing how you’ll find passion and purose is crucial to making it all worth it.

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